weighted blanket – with removable duvet

Sink into a deep sleep with the comforting pressure of our premium weighted blanket that feels like a hug! Great for adults and kids and can be used anywhere, from the bedroom to cozy evenings on the couch. 
  • Natural Sleep Aid Feel the embrace of a weighted blanket that brings a soothing and grounding sensation to your nighttime routine.
  • Premium Materials Keep cool with premium glass beads that keep cooler than plastic and are evenly distributed by small pockets enforced with durable stitching to keep the blanket from bunching up while you sleep. There’s also two layers of microfiber inside to prevent leakage and offer breathable temperature control. (No hot sleeping here.)
  • Ultra-Soft Removable Minky Duvet Cover Our weighted blankets come with a fleece-like minky cover adding another layer of sensory comfort. The cover features 8 ties to secure the inner blanket keeping it tangle-free. Easily remove the cover during warm summer months and to machine-wash. Wash by hand or machine. (Do not bleach or tumble dry.)
  • The Right Size for You Choose a blanket that weighs about 10-12% of your body weight, plus one pound. If you are in between weight sizes, we recommend choosing the lighter blanket option. Keep in mind, a weighted blanket is smaller in size than a typical comforter as to avoid blanket overhang on the sides of the bed. We offer three blanket sizes:
  • 12lbs, 48” x 72” For an individual 110-140 lbs.
  • 15lbs, 60” x 80” For an individual 140-190 lbs.
  • 20lbs, 60” x 80” For an individual 190-240 lbs.
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