up to nose good™ – sleep scent linen spray

  • Unwind your mind with sandalwood and stay asleep longer
  • Aromatherapy for Zzz’s: Scents designed for sleep
  • Easy to Use: Mist sheets lightly before snoozing
  • Compact and Travel-Size: TSA-friendly bottles. Under 2 oz each
  • Not tested on animals

Refresh your body, mind, and bed sheets with our relaxing Linen Spray collection. Featuring unique blends of aromatherapy oils optimized for sleep, our linen sprays help create a relaxing sleep environment, wherever you are. Usage: Apply a light mist to room and sheets before bed.

Up To Nose Good features scents of:

encourages your body to wind down and helps you sleep longer

a known aphrodisiac, sedative and soothing