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Featuring the iconic Dohm, the original white noise machine. Beloved by millions of moms since 1962

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Go™ Travel Sound Machine

  • Masks noise for improved sleep and concentration 
  • 11 of the most high-quality sounds in a micro, travel-sized machine
  • Convenient USB recharging eliminates need for batteries or outlet access 

The best sleep sounds can now GO with you wherever you travel with the Marpac Go travel sound machine. Compact and lightweight to pack anywhere, it’s loaded with 11 sound options to lull you to sleep, naturally. The Go features fans, white noise & nature sounds (rain, stream, and ocean).

Hear a sample:
dohm 1 dohm 2 fan 1 fan 2 white noise 1 white noise 2 white noise 3 white noise 4 ocean stream rain

    The innovative GoLoop flips out and doubles as a hanger or adjustable stand. The Go’s sound range is very wide ranging from 0 to 85 decibels, making it perfect for any situation. With the wide range of sound selections, the Go makes any new space sleep ready. The sounds cover the pink and brown sound range with musical tracks tuned to the key of ZZZ. Average charge duration is 12 hours.