Privacy and Concentration

Looking for an inexpensive and easy-to-implement noise-masking solution?  Whether thin walls, not-so-private office environments, noisy dorm rooms, or the need for confidentiality is driving your search for a sound buffer, Marpac can help.

With our white noise sound machines, there’s no need to rip down walls or retro-fit your space to accommodate an expensive white noise system.  Our machines are ready to go - just plug them in, turn them on, and adjust the tone and volume to get the best sound for your environment.   (For more guidance on that, check out our instruction manuals.)

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If you work in an office, especially in a cubicle, you know how distracting office chatter can be. It's hard to keep your personal telephone conversations private. No more. Our sound conditioners turn cubes into individual sanctuaries with one click.  They also keep private offices more “private,” and have the added benefit of enhancing concentration, too!

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Doctors Offices

Marpac sound conditioners are ideal for use in settings where you don't want conversations overheard such as in doctors and therapists offices. This not only makes patients feel more comfortable, but also keeps you aligned with the requirements of HIPAA for patient confidentiality.

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Get more "A"s from more ZZZZZs... and better studying. Is the person next door is too noisy? Is your room is too quiet? Does your roommate snore like a gorilla. Our machines help students focus by providing a consistent audio backdrop even on loud campuses. Stressed students need sleep. We bring it. You can even skin your Dohm with personalized pictures of your school mascot, your dog, college colors or whatever else strikes your fancy.


Placement is especially important in an office setting.

This diagram provides general guidelines, but please feel free to give us a call if you need more specific assistance determining how best Marpac sound machines can meet your needs.

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I use this outside my office door to cut down on the hallway noise and to protect the privacy of my clients during a session. It does its job perfectly.

(amazon 11.10.13)

Most people who buy this are probably new parents with young children, but as a 21-year-old with four roommates, I would recommend this to drown out any unwanted sounds. I can make it a louder white noise at night when I'm trying to sleep and a quieter one when I'm trying to study.

(amazon 1.17.14)

Also helps for studying/focusing - as a college student it has been exceptionally helpful with that.

(2.21.14 amazon)

Using this device between a door which separates 2 offices has increased privacy when in meetings, on the phone, and general day to day work. It also helps to drown out background noise and allows for greater focus.

(amazon 1.17.14)

Purchased this item for work and it has been wonderful. I love the ability to change the volume easily. Would recommend to any office space looking for privacy.

(amazon 3.20.13)


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