Dohm Classic

Give sleep a chance! The noise-reducing, sleep-inducing magic of our Dohm sound machine is just a click away...

  • the Original sound machine - beloved since 1962
  • two speeds, for fully adjustable tone and volume control
  • three color options: white, black, and tan
  • baby option is a white Dohm, packaged in more "giftable" baby box
  • size: 5.75" base diameter, 3.25" high - weight: 1.5 lbs
  • UL listed US & Canada
  • US 120V; for domestic use only

Hear a sample of the Dohm's natural white noise.


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Dohm Classic

Four easy steps to sleep-cess:

four steps: plug-in, turn on, twist, snooze

It couldn’t be easier. The natural sound of rushing air is designed to help you sleep longer.


What is natural white noise?

product detail - top view

The Fan

It's what produces the signature Dohm white noise.


Fast-moving air and not-so-fast-moving air.

Play Video

See it in action.

product detail - side view


Dial in the perfect sound.