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Summer Sleep Schedule

Summer is coming to a close, but something you might be wondering is how you can keep your children on a more consistent sleep schedule when they are not in school. Sleep schedules come (somewhat) naturally during the school year, as your family has a steady routine. Every day, Monday – Friday, you wake up at the same time, go to school and work and go to sleep around the same time every night, just to wake up and do it all over again. But what about when school’s out? If your children are old enough, they may stay home during the day and thus their schedules might be all out of wack. Why go to sleep early when you can sleep in the next day? Schedules are important, even in the summer, especially so if you want a seamless transition when school starts back up.

According to there are a few things parents can do to deal with their children’s summer sleep schedules.

  1. Enforce a consistent sleep schedule that allows a child to obtain a sufficient amount of sleep.
  2. For teens, allowing them to sleep in is okay, but within reason.
  3. Two to three weeks before school starts, begin working on shifting your child’s or teen’s sleep schedule to help them get ready for school.

With the sleep tips above, you’re able to give your children freedom in the summer that they are so desperately seeking, while still ensuring they are getting the proper amount of sleep and keeping to a schedule that will allow them to easily adjust to school year hours.

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